Amazon Dramatically Increased its Keyword Field Sizes!

Published On March 15, 2016

Holy Moley!

This might not sound like big news, but to search nerds like us it is revolutionary.

You can now fit upwards of 5,000 characters (5 fields at 1,000 characters each) worth of keywords into all of your product listings.

Edit: Depending on your product category, you may have less than 5,000. 1,000 seems to be common. Check your feed file to see the new definitions for your category.

Amazon Image

This means you no longer have to be so insanely tightfisted about which words you stuff into your listing. It used to be a max of 250 characters total.

And if you get a head start before the competition updates their listings, you could see a significant bump in traffic over the coming weeks.

Extensive keyword research is now more important than ever!

Think of all the PPC data you can gather!