Just Released: New International Amazon Keyword Tool

Published On August 2, 2016

It’s finally here.

This is the biggest keyword tool rollout we’ve ever done.

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Most Amazon businesses sell in more than one region (or will be soon).

It’s a no-brainer: Less competition. Cheaper PPC. Expand your audience.

But your biggest advantage (as of now) … is that you’re using a much better keyword research tool than your competitors.

Don’t rely on Google keyword data for Amazon. Get real, local Amazon keywords.

Even if you’re just comparing the US to the UK, there are massive differences in the words and spellings customers use to search for common products.

Once you start running searches you’ll be amazed at how different your keyword lists look between the different English-speaking countries!

If you don’t know the way locals search, you don’t have a chance in foreign markets.

But now you do.


The Fully International Scientific Seller Keyword Tool

With complete coverage of the following regions:

Image of Keyword Tool Regions

The floodgates are open, my friend.

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Bobby MacDonald