We Just Gave You Access to All Your Saved Searches

Published On July 14, 2017

Incredible news.

We get a lot of feature requests, but this one more than all the rest…

We just rolled out a “Saved Searches” tab for all paid users, where you can download the results of every single search you’ve ever run on Scientific Seller!

(Yes, that includes searches you made last year, and even searches you may have accidentally lost due to closing the browser window… arg.)

This feature is available for everyone on Seller and Power Seller accounts, and includes every search you’ve ever made, whether your account was paid or not.

Yes, that means you can upgrade right now and download every piece of data we’ve ever shown you :)


Bobby MacDonald Co-Founder,

P.S. We’re already working on more features. Look out for major upgrades in the coming weeks!