Would you do me a favor?

Published On January 14, 2016

I’m excited to announce that our team is creating new Amazon tools for 2016… and I could really use your help! Would you please take a few moments to answer this simple, 3-minute Amazon seller survey? Your answers will affect what types of software and training guides we create over the next few months. It’ll mean the world to...
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Scientific Seller at ASM Live 2015!

Published On February 10, 2015

Special thanks to everyone we met this weekend at Amazing Selling Machine Live! Here’s a photo of Kevin and I with a few friends: It was great to be able to trade ideas with so many of the best entrepreneurs on Amazon. We also got to spread the word about our new software here at Scientific Seller. There are so...
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Amazon's Search Engine is Not That Smart. Here's Why.

Published On January 29, 2015

Keyword research is more important in Amazon than anywhere else, maybe even Google. That’s because Amazon is not that smart when it comes to keywords. First I’ll explain why, then I’ll show you how to take serious advantage of the situation. Let’s use an example. It’s easier to show than to explain. When you search Amazon for “frying pan”, it’s...
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