Data: How different are US vs. UK vs. CA Amazon keywords?

Published On August 3, 2016

Yesterday we officially announced the release of our New International Version of the Amazon keyword tool. Today we get to play around with it :) Let’s search the term “scissors” in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Here’s a look at the top exported results in a spreadsheet for easy comparison: Note: This isn’t a complete list, just a...
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Just Released: New International Amazon Keyword Tool

Published On August 2, 2016

It’s finally here. This is the biggest keyword tool rollout we’ve ever done. Click here to check it out! Most Amazon businesses sell in more than one region (or will be soon). It’s a no-brainer: Less competition. Cheaper PPC. Expand your audience. But your biggest advantage (as of now) … is that you’re using a much better keyword research tool...
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Amazon Dramatically Increased its Keyword Field Sizes!

Published On March 15, 2016

Holy Moley! This might not sound like big news, but to search nerds like us it is revolutionary. You can now fit upwards of 5,000 characters (5 fields at 1,000 characters each) worth of keywords into all of your product listings. Edit: Depending on your product category, you may have less than 5,000. 1,000 seems to be common. Check your...
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Would you do me a favor?

Published On January 14, 2016

I’m excited to announce that our team is creating new Amazon tools for 2016… and I could really use your help! Would you please take a few moments to answer this simple, 3-minute Amazon seller survey? Your answers will affect what types of software and training guides we create over the next few months. It’ll mean the world to...
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Scientific Seller at ASM Live 2015!

Published On February 10, 2015

Special thanks to everyone we met this weekend at Amazing Selling Machine Live! Here’s a photo of Kevin and I with a few friends: It was great to be able to trade ideas with so many of the best entrepreneurs on Amazon. We also got to spread the word about our new software here at Scientific Seller. There are so...
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